Perhaps: You’ve Been Nowhere To Be Found

It’s a long and complicated story, but please know the mothership and its inhabitants are happier, healthier and eventually wiser for all that’s transpired.

As a result of all the personal terrificness that’s come to pass, INLE’s content will unfortunately suffer. Don’t fret, kids. Things won’t cease for good. We can’t leave the internet alone. Know that.

We will, however, be posting less frequently.  This probably just means that when we get around to something, it will be better.

The last six months + have been a tremendous cyber experience (kind of like this, but not really at all). I’m proud of what we did here. We cranked the content out on the reg (basically all the shit that most men fantasize about) and – hopefully – made some people smile.  If you haven’t already, now would be a good time to hit up the e-mail subscription (over, up a little, ooooh – right there) OR you could hit us up on Facebook or Twitter.

Here’s a few to keep you going until the next one. My hope is to have something banged out and up for the weekend.

Here’s a sad one. Regina Spektor. We hope you’ll come back when we call.

We dropped this on one you awhile ago (we see you April 2010, we miss you). It’s more fitting now than ever.

And one last one…I’ve always hoped that at some point Bill Withers would sing this about me and change the “she” to “he,” but INLE is a fine, fine woman (like your boat or country would be) so it works.

(bear hug)

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One thought on “Perhaps: You’ve Been Nowhere To Be Found

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