Tiny Post: Cee Lo Arrives

We’re hoping to get to the rest of the new music from this week before too long, but here’s a taste of the delicious Lady Killer album from Cee Lo. Mmmmm.

Tiny Posts will probably be more frequent and for that I loathe our INLE work ethic, but you should see us burning down corporate America. Efficient? Absolutely. Surgical in execution? Oh, yes. Still no clue what the f we’re doing? Probably.

No promises, but we’re hoping to transition nicely to a more productive platform with efficiencies and customer morale in mind. REAL JOB BRAINWASHING OH MY GOD I SWORE THIS WOULDN’T HAPPEN CORPORATE BUZZ WORDS TAKE OVER FORGETS EVERYTHING.

Oh, dear. Good evening, kids. Go listen to some Cee Lo and do whatever that makes you feel like doing.

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