Tiny Post: Damn. It’s Been Too Long

Hope the turkey was good and you’re still thankful for various wonderment. No excuse for the absence. Here’s hopin’ your heart’s grown fonder.

Your heart just shot us a steely glare. Dang. Twas deserved.

This one’s for all those that keep checking in to see if we’ve pulled ourselves off the cold, hard floor of corporate America.  Yeah.  We have.  We’ll be jumping back into spreadsheets soon enough.

Until then, Peter Cetera and the rest of Chicago wanted to dedicate one to the INLE readers tonight.  We’re addicted to you (but just socially, like when we’re drinking and someone else is also addicted . . . so when it’s not a big deal to admit it).

INLE will do better. The holidays are too full of potential.

Note: Fozzie Bear. Funny.

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One thought on “Tiny Post: Damn. It’s Been Too Long

  1. don mattingly's moustache says:

    I thought we had lost you. Its not from Karate Kid II, but it will do.

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