Perhaps: You Found Some Stuff To Share

Hi.  Mid-week post.  Fo’ real.

So . . . a lot has happened.  Kanye made some dopeness (just listen, forget what you’ve read).  The Tron soundtrack seems to be somewhat abbreviated, but still Daft awesome.  Matt & Kim did good things, Cee Lo jumped on some throats, J.Cole dropped a RI-DICULOUS mixtape, Deadmau5 went loud AND dancey (JUST TODAY) and The Beatles hit iTunes.  Man.  We could have done something on all of it.

Better days are ahead?  No promises, but we’re still plugged in and will continue to pay attention.  Here’s what we wanted to share.

The ODB / Wu sound on this next one took me DI-rectly back to ’97. Forget what you’ve read. Serious. Plus, I’m pretty sure that the devil absolutely drives a Chrysler LeBaron.


We shown a light on him here, but he turned out brighter than we’ll ever be.  See: “What We Did There”

That was all beats and little rock.  We’re saving room for the kings.  December 8 is the anniversary of a monumental music loss. I’ve enjoyed (too much) finding The Beatles‘ songs to commemorate almost any occasion.  We’ll end with a few. Thanks, John Lennon.

This was Paul’s song, but we love John’s contribution at the beginning. “Oh, look out,” indeed.  Side discussion: How badass is/was Abbey Road?

And timely x 2. Go.

We’re not done with the holidays, Burl Ives, Bing Crosby, 2010 year-end, or . . . HOLY SHIT IT’S ALMOST 2011, SOMEONE CALL A MESOAMERICAN TO RECOUNT THE CALENDAR!

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