Weekender: This Is Just A Tribute

Because you can never hear it enough, I’m starting hyah:

Now we’ve got the legs stretched out, feeling nimble, and ready to destroy whatever is in our path.  Weekender goes with a couple of tributes.  Let’s start it.

Inspiration for anything we ever attempt to humorously scribe on these circuits of technology?  EDSBS.  It’s what happens when smart AND funny people opine on whatever the hell they want.  My favorite installment?  College football’s offseason brings us this.  Do it.

The fine folks at EDSBS populate an area near and oh so dear to the INLE family.  Atlanta.  It’s not about just traffic anymore.  To avoid any past missteps involving specific mentions of “this team” or “that team,” we’ll leave it vague so as not to ruin the chance we enjoy Saturday night’s sleep.  There’s a team.  INLE would like it to win.

Here’s a multi-genre collection of excellence for you, ATL.  Thaw out, warm up and get it in.

Before I sign-off until who knows when, check out the new Kanye/Jay-Z track, the new British Sea Power, Cage the Elephant, Tapes n’ Tapes and Rjd2‘s The Glow Remixes EP.  Just suggestions.  Last one coming.  Have a good weekend, kiddos.

PS: Dear Sony.  Eat it.  Sorry for all the extra clicking.

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