New Music: We Still Care

Time is limited, but today seemed to bring action to the speakers ’round here.  Here’s a few.

The Decemberists went and changed it all up, but that’s a-ok.

Two Door Cinema Club sent us dancey pants to wear whilst listening to the Tourist History Remix.

White Lies.  Who ever taught you to move your body like that?  Album is Ritual.

And last but nowhere even close to least:  What a joyous occasion to get a little more Pearl Jam.  Live on Ten Legs says ‘hello’ today.  Just breathe, folks.  It’s as awesome as you’d imagine.

And let’s appreciate the strength of this pic, shall we?  That’s a left-leaning, Ticketmaster hatin’ man’s man.  In a White Zin music world, Eddie’s drinking the finest, full-bodied red.  Yep.


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