Weekender: Talib Kweli + Big Keys

Salutations, internet.  INLE jumps back in, takes the dirty Kleenex to the curb, sips a touch’o’tussin and looks forward to a successful weekend.  Come with us, won’t you?  We’re not contagious . . . but our energy might be.

I wanted to get in earlier this week to point out a few amazing things.  Iron & Wine is back with a new one and while it’s a departure from the past, it’s good stuff.  Cold War Kids got in, cleaned up their production and brought something new.  There’s more, but we’re getting to the musical provisions now.

Talib Kweli.  If you don’t already know, we can’t spend the whole post helping.  Just know it’s something you should know.  He supplied Gutter Rainbows this week and we’ve enjoyed it thus far.

Nice, right?  Well that was going to be the end of things.  Then DCDC dropped box’d some deliciousness in the form of The Brothers of Chico Dusty.  Wick-It The Instigator mashed The Black Keys and Big Boi.  Tremendous things occurred.  Here’s a taste.  Go hit the download.  Yes. Sir.

Happy weekend, loyal readers.  Stay warm, blow snow, noses and sunshine as you make your way towards a successful weekend.

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One thought on “Weekender: Talib Kweli + Big Keys

  1. DavidsonCoDonCorleone says:

    FYI, Wick-It is a Nashville native. Davidson Co in the building!

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