EGYPT! Seriously. Not at all about Egypt.

We saw this and were inspired.  Our dream of a OCMS, Mumford and Avett worldwide tour may still be a dream, but we’re two-thirds of the way there in one performance.  What performance you ask?  This one.  Oh, just two of those plus BOB F’N DYLAN.  Righto, Grammys.  Well played.  Here’s a Grammy tribute for those bands that don’t suck a lot AND got nominated.

Watch, but keep an eye to things not “recognized.”  That’s where the magic happens.

The idea was to put together a long list of Grammy-nominated awesomeness, but we realized there’s not all that much awesome nominated.  I mean . . . there is, but youtube would just shit on us for trying.  So here we go.  Happy weekend.  Viva Egypt.  Booooo, Mubarek.  Dick.


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