Weekender: It’s Warming Up and We’re Dancing

Holy early spring.  We know Mother Nature is just letting us get to second base, whispering lovingly about going further . . . the whole time knowing she’s moments away from shutting it all directly down.  Ah, the flirtation of warmer weather.  Well, dammit lady . . . we’re gonna enjoy the crap out of this feel-up while it’s available.

Damn right, dude with a beard.  Keep going . . . what you don’t know is that she’s about to blast you with an arctic front and ruin your seasonal fantasy.  At least the gigantic baby seems happy.

It’s warmish ’round the mothership and we’re going to dance and drink light beer because it’s light, springy and feels right.  Join us, won’t you?  There’s a few things jumping ’round here.  Couscous is raving about this one on the social networks.  We like it.

One more because we’re taking advantage of our time.  Enjoy the weekend, kids.  Eat it up.  It’s good for you.



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