Weekend Review: DCDC Stops By

INLE contributor DCDC dropped everything and hit the road Thursday for a 9 hour sojourn to the mothership.  He arrived, brought some wonderful sounds along and we proceeded to have a tremendously unproductive weekend.  Check that.  If you think rot gut = productivity, then we were Six Sigma efficient AND productive. Ugh.

Twas an incredible weekend and I hope to do it again, but no time too soon.   Here’s some dedications to the various things we encountered.

To the Bradford Pear tree.  You stink.  Bad.  Stop it.  Seriously.  I thought something had died.  I’m glad you live next door and will continue to reek for the next few weeks.  Tremendous.

To the St. Patrick’s Day bartender I upset but still looked past it to give me a free drink (THELASTTHINGINEEDED).  I didn’t have to be good, but I could’ve been better:

To Friday evening’s Tiramisu purchase:

To a weekend of mixtape goodies (this one included):

And finally, to la esposa for graciously taking the entire weekend in stride:

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