Announcement: Format Changes

There’s a tiny little person taking up permanent residence in the mothership.  As it turns out, I’m directing a lot of language and spoken prose (is that a real thing?) at this tiny, little man.  Some of that language was once shared here…as parts of somewhat meaningful thoughts and observations.  I’ll still try to make time for those, but I always knew my creative contributions were far inferior to the creative contributions of the artists I wrote about.

Given that very self-awareness exercise, INLE’s taking on a formatting change that might result in more posts.   We probably won’t have a lot of words to accompany, though.  It’s gonna be stripped down.  No OJ, no straw.  Perhaps there’s just a video.  Perhaps 12…or maybe even 1000 words on why Julianne Moore is a better Sarah Palin than the actual Sarah Palin (POLITICSOMGWHY?!).  Point is, it’ll be whatever I can crank.  Words might very well fall away.  And the whole damn INLE family will stand just behind the sound…dancing…or nodding in the toughest, streetest way.

With that, this one seemed fitting (admittedly more dancing than nodding).

“Don’t listen to a word I say…the screams all sounds the same.”  Go blow a horn, yell a little, and put your warm, mild, winter arms around Iceland’s Of Monsters and Men.


One thought on “Announcement: Format Changes

  1. DCDC says:

    Good call.

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