Grammys Prove Baffling Yet Again

“Baffling” might be harsh…but it’s accurate.

1. HOLY NOT AGAIN!  Who is Bon Iver? tumblr made my week. Check out the prior link.  It’s high comedy.  Totally “funny uh-oh.”

2. Same winner.  Justin Vernon made a great acceptance speech.  The Grammys suck for the most part and they mostly reward mediocrity.  That said, they get it right occasionally.  Hi, Adele.  You’re pretty damn amazing.

3.  Speaking of Adele quickly…way to go out on a limb and bring the pipes back to life on a live broadcast in front of 41 million people.  Nothing could’ve gone wrong.  Nope.  No chance.  Hell, Taylor Swift wrote a whole song about a bad performance (which made me wonder which of hers are actually ‘good’).  Anyway…Adele was badass, had a new voice engine and killed it anyway.  Ballsy.  British.  Buxom.

4.  I wish Brian Wilson would’ve gone late 1960s crazy on the shit-eating-grins of Foster the People‘s lead singer.  And Mike Love could’ve just meditated Maroon 5 from our collective existence.  The Beach Boys response to the proposal should’ve gone something like “What was that?  I thought you said Maroon 5 and Foster the People…but no one would suggest something so fucking terrible as that…would they?  No?  Oh, that IS what you said.  Well we’ll do it, but we’ll hate it.  Dammit, we’ll hate it.”

God, I hope that’s what they said.

5. Dave Grohl.  A teller of truths.  To make his point another way:  A tiny, little, music blog writes a post about the Grammys…they post one performance and two speeches from music’s so-called “biggest night.”  That should tell you something.  Especially when the two speeches were critical (albeit politely) of music’s current state.  Biggest night, maybe.  But lessons were available…and methinks these 5 observations start to outline the syllabus.


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