Gang Starr, Work

A 1998 start to the week…

Go escalate that status, y’all.


Zulu Winter, We Should Be Swimming

It’s hot.  You should be swimming…

INLE Independence Day Dedication

Says. It. All.

Happy Fourth!  Be safe out there

Mystery Jets, Radlands

The Hood Internet, The Mixtape Volume Six

LATE!  So late (we see you, early May).  Better late than never.

The Hood Internet should be anchoring every one of your late night playlists (HINT).  Rumor has it these guys have an LP of original material is on the way, but until then, go here and get this and this and all of the these.

Here’s two that run back-to-back.  Commence dancing……now.

Turnpike Troubadours, Southeastern Son

Haven’t done much country lately…mostly because we can’t seem to get past the bucket loads of awful that country music has become…BUT we know there’s goodness out there.  Maybe I should just look harder.  Yep.  That’s probably it.

Fang Island, Sisterly

Love Fang Island.  Gee-tars!

Hot Chip, Don’t Deny Your Heart

Bon Iver, Bon Iver

Album Anniversary!  I did a similar post earlier for another album that filled the ears last summer when INLE posts were non-existent.  This particular album navigated summer evening drives better than any in recent memory.  Twas a soft, subtle sound, but – as we often endorse –  turning it up really loud made it all the more amazing.

I was admittedly late to the Bon Iver party…wasn’t one of those folks talking about how For Emma, Forever Ago was an instant indie classic.  And perhaps it was, but the self-titled album from last year just killed.

A year later INLE finally gets around to saying “Thanks” to one of our favorite albums of 2011.

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