Weekend Review: What Up, Prankster?

The INLE mothership was turned upside down last week.  We found ourselves firmly in the crosshairs of a ruthless, vicious and potentially dangerous prank perpetrated by some very powerful people in the music industry.

Most of that is patently untrue . . . actually everything except the word “prank” is completely false.

What we actually encountered was a well-crafted and better executed commentariat prank by some loyal readers and friends of the mothership.  We’re only mentioning it here 1 – to give those pranksters some love because we laughed for hours and hours and 2 – to put our readers at ease if you were concerned about your INLE comrades.

No one’s going on any meth binges while listening to STP . . . that we know about.  No one’s driving any distance to fight anyone.  And believe us . . . no one’s taking anything or anyone to the next level.  Good job, gentlemen.  We’re dedicating this, on your behalf, to ourselves.

Here’s a few other observations from Cazador’s weekend:

Christina Aguilera‘s newest video made us uncomfortable as shit blush.
I was at a party this weekend and Sister Hazel came on the iPod.  It was what it was.
I’ve never been anywhere that needed background music as much as the Off Track Betting place.  Lord.  Don’t you want to have a song in your head when you win . . . or lose everything?  The silence was painful.
The new iPod with it’s scrolling / floating album art home page is extremely dangerous for unintentionally exposing comical music purchases or severe “we don’t typically admit to these” guilty pleasures.  Dang.
We do everything we can to stay positive.  Being negative about music is too easy.  We would prefer just to ignore what we view negatively and expend our energy loving something.  In order to appreciate what’s great, you have to put yourself directly in front of some “awful” from time to time.  With all that said,  Miley Cyrus really does suck.
couscous was listening to Florence + The Machine Saturday morning.  We were informed (we’re friends on the Korean version of Friendster) and very appreciative because we cranked up Lungs and almost singlehandedly our day improved 137%.  Thanks, couscous.  You inspired a Monday morning sonic provision.  Raise it up, bud.


6 thoughts on “Weekend Review: What Up, Prankster?

  1. Davidson Co. Don Corleone says:

    I heard fake comments are the sincerest form of flattery.

    I heard it from name redacted though, so take it as you will.

  2. Dave says:

    RE: Background Music At Off-Track Betting Facility
    Suggestions: Whiskey River, Willie Nelson; Loser, Grateful Dead; King of the Road, Roger Miller.

    PS: I was eating lunch at a Moe’s on Sunday and the background music was John Denver – Annie’s Song (aka Dave’s parents’ wedding song from 1977). As background music in a fast food setting, this is second only to the time I heard West End Girls by Pet Shop Boys playing at the Burger King in Rabun County, Georgia (very far from London’s West End).

    • Cazador says:

      INLE has independently confirmed that the Rabun County Burger King rotates between two small genres of music: Contemporary Christian boy band music and early 80’s electronic dance music. It makes those chicken fry things much more delicious.

      Obviously we’re all jokes, but I hope you’re keeping a list of those encounters. Great stuff.

      • Dirty Sanchez says:

        The best place for contemporary christian music is Chick-Fil-A. Not only do you get a delicious chicken sandwich but a little God mixed in. Now I feel better, and I’m full. I still don’t understand why God wouldn’t want you to have chicken on Sundays? I guess the polynesian sauce is too tempting.

      • Cazador says:

        The folks at Chick-Fil-A have to be so damn nice six days a week, I don’t think they could keep up the cheeriness on Sundays. I sure wish they’d try, though. Agreed on the Polynesian sauce. It’s certainly the most sinful thing they sell . . . taste bud orgasm.

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